Bank Transfer

Khalti wallet to bank transfer (withdraw)

How to withdraw money from Khalti to your bank account? (Transfer fund from Khalti to bank account)

You can transfer funds from your Khalti to bank account in these few simple steps: - Login to your Khalti account using the mobile app or web dashboard - Tap on Bank Transfer - Choose your bank, enter account holder name, account number, the amount to transfer into bank account, purpose of transfer and tap on ‘Withdraw’ button

Now, the money from your Khalti account will be transferred to the bank account in no time

For more details on Khalti wallet to bank transfer, please visit this Khalti blog.

I want to withdraw money from my wallet to my bank account.

Go to Bank Transfer option on the top menu bar of the app. Select Bank, enter the Account Holder’s Name, Account Number, and desired amount to transfer to bank. Tap on Bank Trasfer. Your funds will be transferred within seconds to the bank.

While trying to withdraw cash from my Khalti account to my bank account, my Khalti account cash has been reduced but my bank account balance is still the same. Why is this?

Your cash is safe with us. The amount will eventually be transferred safely. Just wait for sometime. If there is no change, mail us with your transaction details at

Are there any charges to send money to bank?

Yes there is a service charge to send money to bank. Given is the charge slap for sending money to bank:

Slab Charge
Rs 100- Rs 1000 Rs 10
Rs 1001- Rs 10000 Rs 20
Rs 10001- Rs 20000 Rs 30
Rs 20001- Rs 30000 Rs 40
Rs 30001- Rs 40000 Rs 50
Rs 40001- Rs 50000 Rs 60

Are there any transaction limit for sending money to bank?

Yes there is a transaction limit for sending money to the bank. Please find the details below:

Details Limit
Maximum Amount Per Transactions Rs 50,000
Maximum Transaction Amount Per Day Rs 2,00,000
Maximum Transaction Amount Per Month Rs 10,00,000