Send Money from Khalti Wallet
to any Bank in Nepal Online

Use Khalti for inter-bank transfers. Simply sign up to Khalti & send money online to
various partner banks and financial institutions (BFIs) in Nepal.

Send Money to Bank

Khalti for Bank Transfer

Charge Slab for Withdrawl
Rs 100- Rs 1000 Free
Rs 1001- Rs 50000 Rs. 10
Rs 50001- Rs 100000 Rs. 15
Transaction Limit

Maximum Transactions per day

Max Amount Per Transaction
(Rs 50,000)

Max Amount per Day
(Rs 100,000)

Max Amount per Month
(Rs 10,00,000)

Transactions made effortless.
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Go to the ‘Bank Transfer’ option on the top menu bar of the app. Select Bank, Branch details, the Account Holder’s Name, Account Number and desired amount to transfer to bank. Tap on Withdraw. Your funds will be transferred within seconds to the bank.

Your cash is safe with us. The amount will eventually be transferred safely. Just wait for sometime. If there is no change, mail us with your transaction details at

Yes the money will be transferred instantly.

While paying through Khalti customers have the given options to pay using Khalti Payment Gateway:
1) Directly using Khalti Wallet Account
2) Internet Banking (From Banks linked with Khalti)
3) Mobile Banking
4) SCT Cards

For signing up you need to go to for API/SDKs. Further, please contact us for the assistance at 9801165557 / 9801856394 or

a. Sign Up as a Khalti Merchant at ( For details: )
b. Integrate Khalti Payment gateway & make a Test the transaction
c. After completing a Test Transaction you will receive live keys on the Keys Section of Merchant Dashboard
d. You can now start receiving payments upto Rs 1000. However to receive payments more than Rs 1000 you need to contact our Merchant Team for Contract Activities and discuss the commercials.

Khalti Payment Gateway Merchant registration, integration and going live is self service, open source and fully SDK ready provided payment gateway from Khalti. So, it depends upon your developer team but can be done in a minimum of 2 hours to 1 day for integration.

Khalti Payment Gateway API is open. For this visit

You can get the test and live keys in the ‘Keys’ section in your merchant account dashboard. While integrating use test keys and once the integration is successful replace the test keys with live keys to start accepting payments with Khalti Payment Gateway.

Yes, you can use test keys to accept payments up to Rs 999. To receive more than Rs 999, you will have to contact 9801165557 / 9801856394 or email at commercializing your Khalti Payment Gateway Account.

You do not need to have a separate demo account for integration. You can simply integrate using our test keys from the dashboard once you have signed up as a merchant.

You can contact us at 9801165557/ 9801856394 or

Yes, there is a one-time API charge plus a service charge for each transaction (transaction fee). For more details, please contact us at 9801165557/ 9801856394 or

One-Time API Charge

We don’t charge any annual maintenance fees

It should be set in Neplease Rupees (NPR)

Yes, you will be provided with Khalti Payment Gateway Dashboard to view all the transactions

Yes, you can export all transaction sheet files or download the transaction history.

You can receive almost any amount of payments because we enable you to accept payment from different modes of payment such as Khalti Wallet, mobile banking, eBanking, SCT Card, etc

Merchant has to be registered at any official institutions, recognized by the government of Nepal. Required documents are:
Company Registration Certificate
PAN/VAT Certificate
Latest Tax Clearance
Updated Logo

Yes, the company must be registered in Nepal.

All businesses which are registered in Nepal and allowed by law of Nepal are accepted.

You can integrate and test but you cannot withdraw the payment which is received in your merchant account to the bank without above documents, so it is mandatory for business to upload all documents.

No, Payments will be received in Khalti Merchant Account first, and then it needs to be transferred into your Bank account. That you can do it whenever you want logging into Khalti Payment Gateway Merchant Accounts.

Khalti won’t charge a single penny to transfer funds to your bank account.

Yes, you can withdraw the amount from the merchant dashboard anytime. Khalti will allow you to add a bank account to where you can transfer collected payments.

No, you cannot, For that you need to sign an Memorandum of Understanding or contract with Khalt to withdraw the amount collected .

You can check the transaction logs of the payments from the dashboard by going to the ‘Transaction’ section. You can check the logs and do all kinds of refunds & reconciliation from the dashboard.

You can give access to other staff members by going to the ‘Staff’ section in the dashboard. Next, go to ‘Add Staff’ and add other members.

Go to Click on the ‘Login’ button from the top right corner. A window will pop up and see all the way down where you will see ‘Forget password?’. Now click on it and enter your registered email address. A recovery code will be sent to the same email address. Enter the code to the earlier window.

No, you can not do that. You can transfer those amounts to your authorized bank account only.

The transaction fee is processed on a real time basis as the fee will be set according to the commercials done.

The transaction fee will be deducted from the merchant account on real time.

Yes, Khalti has refunds option too. For it the merchant needs to go to the transaction id and refund the desired amount by clicking on the refund button and send it to the clients Khalti ID.

Yes, the refund amount will be reflected in the merchant panel instantly under the heading of the refunded tab.

For technical assistance please contact 9801165565 or

You can contact us at 9801165557/ 9801856394 or

We do not have live chat but we can have a short meeting over Skype and assist you for integrations.

Use Khalti for Inter-Bank Transfers Send Money to Bank