51 %

Nepali Female Population (51% of Nepali Population)

57 %

Female of Age Group 15-30yrs (Potential Smart-Phone users)

10 %

SmartChhoris Targeted to Influence 10K households

Empowering daughters nationwide through digital literacy

About Smart Chorri

Smart Chhori is our initiative, supported by Spring Accelerator Program to encourage girls in the sector of digital and financial literacy through an online in-app training about digital wallets, bank account opening, money management, online security, and other financial aspects.

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Why access to finance for young girls?

Smartchhori establishing financial habits

Establish financial habits

Discuss saving, budgeting, expenses with family members

Smart chhori for personal growth

Scope of Personal growth

Transfer knowledge, skills, and attitude which empower young girls & women.

Smart chhori being self dependent

Be more Self dependent

Improve upon future prospect for decent work opportunities.

Available for 15-35 aged female users on Khalti Digital Wallet.

Offerings to Smart Chhoris

  • Guided Video Lessons
  • Quiz Questionnaires in Nepali & English
  • Badges for each level
  • Monetary incentives for each level
  • Certification upon completion
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A Khalti initiative, supported by Spring Accelerator Program backed by the DFID, USAID and DFAT with full support from the Nike Foundation.

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