About Bazaar

What is Khalti Bazaar?

Khalti Bazaar is an online selling store for all kinds of businesses where you can Sell Products Collect Payment for Services/ Monthly Subscriptions Khalti Bazaar is a platform for businesses who do not have any website or app and are looking forward to growing business by setting up an online store.

What are the benefits of using Khalti Bazaar as a partner?

Get visibility among 1,000,000 Khalti users Promotions through our digital channels Single platforms for different product/ service/ recurring payments No tech skills needed. List product/service & add description, price easily

What are the benefits of purchasing products from Khalti Bazaar?

Option of paying from multiple payment mediums i.e. E-banking, M-banking and Wallet Pre-book services like beautician, spa, trainings

What kind of businesses can enroll for Khalti Bazaar?

Any type of businesses which do not have their own website/app and want to receive money online.

Where can you find Khalti bazaar inside the app?

You can locate Khalti Bazaar at the bottom of the app labelled as ‘Bazaar’.

Partner Queries:

Does Khalti provide delivery service too?

No, Khalti does not assist with the delivery service. It only assists with payment collection.

Do I need a website to enroll?

No, you don’t need a website to enroll for Khalti Bazaar.

Do I need my own technical team to enroll in Khalti Bazaar?

You do not need a technical team to enroll as our team will integrate your product/service at Khalti Bazaar and provide you with training to access the dashboard.

After I am enrolled, what if a new product/services is added to my business?How do I make those changes?

Our team will be training you on this part too.

Upto how many products/services can I place?

There is no such limit. It depends on the product or service you have.

Can my clients make multiple orders at one go?

Yes, multiple orders can be made for a particular merchant at one go.

Whom should I contact in case of any kind of technical problem?

You may call us at 9801890085 or e-mail us the query at bazaar@khalti.com

Why are my files not being uploaded?

Please upload your files on jpg or png format.

I do not have tax clearance to upload in my KYC.

If your organization is a startup, please let us know at bazaar@khalti.com while sending an email for KYC verification.

Is KYC verification necessary?

Yes. partners can not get bank withdrawal access without KYC verification.

I am unable to perform Withdraw action?

To perform the Withdrawal transaction, your KYC and Bank Account must be verified. Please consult at bazaar to query about the verification.


I need to discuss commercials with the Khalti team, where should I contact?

You can contact us at 9801890085 or bazaar@khalti.com.

Are there any charges to sign a contract?

Yes, there is a one time minimum setup cost and plus a service charge for each transaction (transaction fee). For more details, please contact us at 9801890085 or bazaar@khalti.com.

What are the set up charges?

One-Time Minimum Setup Cost

Is there any annual maintenance fee charged?

We don’t charge any annual maintenance fees

Is there any charge for support after going live ?

No, we don’t charge anything for the support

How to test Khalti? Is it free of cost?

Yes, for the testing purpose it’s free. But for business purposes, there are some charges.


In which currency it should be set?

It should be set in Neplease Rupees (NPR)

Can I see all transactions done via Khalti Bazaar? Where can I see it?

Yes, you will be provided with Khalti Bazaar Dashboard to view all the transactions

Can I export all transaction sheet files or download the transaction history?

Yes, you can export all transaction sheet files or download the transaction history.

How much amount can I receive?

You can receive almost any amount of payments because we enable you to accept payment from different modes of payment such as Khalti Wallet, mobile banking, eBanking, SCT Card, etc.

What are the payment options users can get while paying through Khalti?

While paying through Khalti students/parents/guardians have three options: - Directly using Khalti Wallet Account - Internet Banking (From Banks linked with Khalti) - Mobile Banking - SCT Cards

Where do I receive the payments?

You can receive all the payments in the Bazaar dashboard provided by Khalti. And, instantly you can transfer collected payments to your bank account for free.

Documents Required

What documents do I need for registration?

Business has to be registered at any official institutions, recognized by the government of Nepal. Required documents are: - Company Registration Certificate - PAN/VAT Certificate - Latest Tax Clearance - Updated Logo

Do I need to register the company in Nepal?

Yes, the company must be registered in Nepal.

Which businesses are accepted in Khalti?

All businesses which are registered in Nepal and allowed by law of Nepal are accepted.

I have company documents, but do not have a PAN/ VAT or Tax Clearance Document. Can I sell in Bazaar?

You can integrate and test but you cannot withdraw the payment which is received in your merchant account to the bank without above documents, so it is mandatory for business to upload all documents.

I have not registered my company yet. Can I integrate Khalti Bazaar?

You can sell in Khalti Bazaar and test but you cannot withdraw the payment received in your Bazaar account to the bank without above documents, so it is mandatory to have a registered company.

Do I need to be registered in order to enroll?

Yes, your company needs to be registered in order to enroll with Khalti Bazaar.

Customer Queries:

What are the benefits of using Khalti Bazaar as a user?

As a user, the benefits of using Khalti Bazaar is that, they can get multiple payment system i.e. e-banking, m-banking and wallets, pre-booking for services like spa, beautician and offers and superdeals

What are the payment mediums available for Khalti Bazaar?

You can pay from Khalti wallet, M-banking and E-banking from

Do I need to pay extra charges while making a purchase from Khalti Bazaar?

No, there are no extra price charged while paying from Khalti Bazaar

Do I need to pay delivery charges for placing an order from Khalti Bazaar?

This depends on the vendor’s policy. If they charge delivery charges, the same will be applicable

How will I know that my order has been confirmed?

After the verification of KYC, an email notification option will appear on the dashboard where multiple email IDs can be added for order notification.

Where can I find my order details and receipt for my order?

You can find your order details in the ‘My purchase’ section by clicking the ‘More’ option. The receipt will be available in the transaction history.

If I make an order and do not receive the goods/services, whom should I contact?

You will have to contact the vendor from whom you have placed your order.

Where will I get the contact information of the vendor I have ordered from?

You can get the contact information in the ‘Contact’ tab inside the vendor’s profile.

Withdraw to Bank

Will the payments be deposited directly to my Bank?

No, Payments will be received in Khalti Bazaar Account first, and then it needs to be transferred into your Bank account. That you can do it whenever you want logging into Khalti Bazaar Accounts.

How much charge do I take to transfer payments to my bank account?

Khalti won’t charge a single penny to transfer funds to your bank account.

How can I get the amount collected in my merchant dashboard? Can I withdraw/transfer?

Yes, you can withdraw the amount from the merchant dashboard anytime. Khalti will allow you to add a bank account to where you can transfer collected payments.

Will I be able to transfer the amount collected in the Bazaar Account without a contract?

No, you cannot, For that you need to sign an Memorandum of Understanding or contract with Khalt to withdraw the amount collected .

Is there any withdrawal limit?

No, there is no withdrawal limit

Can I change my bank account details in the dashboard?

Yes, you can change bank account details, but you will have to notify the Khalti Bazaar Operation team to verify the Bank Account so that you can withdraw. For that you can reach at 9849626636 or email at baaar@khalti.com

Can I add more than one bank account / or can I withdraw a collected amount to multiple bank accounts?

No, you cannot add more than one bank to withdraw the collected amount.

How long does it take for the money to get transferred in my account once I have withdrawn ?

It will be transferred in real time.

Do I get any notification about the received money?

Yes, if you have taken the facility from your Bank for SMS Banking.

Charge Deduction & Refunds

How is the transaction fee processed?

The transaction fee is processed on a real time basis as the fee will be set according to the commercials done.

Do we have to pay a transaction fee at the end of the month?

The transaction fee will be deducted from the Bazaar account on real time.

Does Khalti support refunds? If yes, how to initiate a refund?

Yes, Khalti has refunds option too. For it the partner needs to go to the transaction id and refund the desired amount by clicking on the refund button and send it to the clients Khalti ID.

Is the refund amount reflected instantly in the Bazaar panel?

Yes, the refund amount will be reflected in the Bazaar panel instantly under the heading of the refunded tab.

Do customers receive refunds instantly?

Yes, after processing the refunds by the merchant the customers will receive the funds instantly.

How long does it take for the customers to receive the refund?

It is done on a real time basis when the merchant refunds the amount.

Are there any extra charges when initiating a refund?

No, there are no extra charges while initiating the refund.