Event Ticketing

What is Khalti Event Ticketing Platform?

Khalti Event Ticketing Platform is an in-app event ticketing platform where you can browse and buy event tickets for the events happening around you.

What are the benefits of buying tickets from Khalti?

There are plenty of benefits of buying tickets via Khalti: - Exciting Cashbacks - Pre-booking your tickets - No need to stand in queues - Easy check-ins

What type of events are featured in the app?

You can find tickets to concerts, seminars, corporate training, game shows, reality shows, trade fairs, parties and other plenty of events happening around.

How to buy event tickets from Khalti?

  • Signup and login to your Khalti account through Khalti app or website khalti.com
  • Load fund in your account
  • Click on Event icon on the home-screen
  • Brose events and click on the particular event for which you want to buy a ticket
  • Enter your details and confirm your transaction
  • Go to My Tickets menu where you will find a digital copy of the ticket.

How can I find most recent events in Khalti to buy tickets?

You can login to Khalti app or website khalti.com and click on Event icon to see the list of recent events.

What is the cancellation procedure of the tickets?

The event tickets once sold cannot be cancelled and are non-refundable.

Where do I get my tickets?

You can find your tickets on the My Tickets section in the event platform which you can download and email it manually.

Why does my ticket say “ENTRY NO” while scanning it?

Each ticket contains a unique QR code which can be only scanned once. If your ticket says “ENTRY NO”, it means the ticket has already been scanned and is invalid.

Do all events have the same cashback?

No. The cashback can differ according to the events.

Do I get freebies that organizers have provided if I buy tickets via Khalti?


What happens if the event is cancelled?

In case of event cancellation, you shall be notified personally via email or call and your fee shall be refunded in your Khalti account.

For support issues, where do I contact?

You can contact our customer care at support@khalti.com or call us at 01-5970017.

For Event Organizers

Will I need to register/have an account?

In order to create event in Khalti event platform, event organizers will need to create a khalti merchant account from khalti.com/merchant, after which you will be provided with an access to create events in the platform. Please ensure you have a valid email address to receive the activation email we will send you to get started.

What are the benefits of selling tickets via Khalti?

  • Push Notifications to our app users
  • Push SMS to your database
  • Online promotion of your events
  • More visibility, Less hassle
  • Secured pre-sales

What events can I create in Khati event ticketing platform?

You can use our platform to create tickets on charity shows, seminars, theatres, workshops, business seminars, club events, parties, markets, trade fairs, school events, etc.

How do we scan the tickets or check it at the door?

Khalti event organizer panel has a panel where you can create ticket scanner for your events and start scanning tickets. You will be trained and assisted by Khalti’s staff.

Do organizers need to pay a fee to register?

The standard tariff for the service charge is 20% of the total tickets sold via Khalti.

Do we need to have a bank account with the banks Khalti have partnered with?

NO. It is not necessary to have a bank account with us. You can simply provide us your bank details and we will send you a cheque or deposit your amount in your bank account.

What sales reporting is available to me as an event organizer?

Once you receive your access to event creator, you can view the number of tickets sold along with the details of the purchases.

Can we limit the sales of ticket volumes?

Yes. You can decide on the number of tickets you would like to sell online and can also modify the numbers as you go along.

Can we have a different types of tickets for the events?

Yes, you can create and set the types of tickets you would like to sell and also include freebies in it.

For more inquiry about the platform, where do I contact? You can contact us via email at marketing@khalti.com or call us 9802005010.

How to publish & list my event in Khalti event platform for digital ticketing?

It’s very easy to list your event in Khalti’s event ticketing platform. Please follow these simple steps:

  • Sign up at khalti.com/merchant using your official email. Event organizer access will be provided to your merchant account.
  • Add event details: Create event, add details, ticket types and an event banner (size 1280*600, less than 20 MB size)
  • Submit the details, inform Khalti representative for event approval.
  • Once it has been approved from Khalti admin, refresh the page and Publish the event.

Once the event is LIVE on Khalti app, you can check the number of tickets sold online along with the details of the buyers. A ticket scanner shall be provided to you which can be accessed by logging in into khalti app using the provided login details in your smartphone. You can scan the tickets online using the scanner.

How can I be a merchant? How to sign up / create Khalti merchant account?

It is very easy to create merchant account in Khalti. Please follow these simple steps: - Go to khalti.com/merchant and click on Sign Up as Merchant button. - Enter your organization’s name and email in the sign up form. Enter a new password and click on Welcome to Khalti - A verification code will be sent in your email. Enter the verification code and click on ‘Verify’ - Your merchant account will be created. - Use the merchant account you created to sign in to Khalti

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