Why should I verify Khalti KYC?

Users who have not verified KYC cannot make transaction more than Rs 5000 a day and month. This is as per the rule of Nepal Rastra Bank for digital wallets in Nepal.

What details are needed to fill up Khalti KYC?

Family Information – Father’s name, Mother’s name, Grandfather’s name and Spouse ‘s name (if married)

Personal Information – Date of Birth, Gender, Occupation

Permanent Address – District, Municipality, Ward

Identity Information – Identity Type (Citizenship/Driving License/Passport), Identity number, Issued place, Issued date

Profile picture (Photograph showing the face of the customer) Scanned copy of your Identity Card (both front and back)

How can I verify Khalti KYC? What should I do to verify my Khalti KYC?

You can verify the KYC following these steps:

  • Log in to your Khalti app or website
  • On the homescreen, tap on OPEN KYC FORM (on the mobile app) or click Fill Form (on the web).
  • Fill up all the details correctly and tap UPDATE

Your Khalti ID will be verified within 1 to 2 days after submitting the KYC with all the appropriate information. The message of verification will be sent to your mobile number. After the verification, you can enjoy all the extended services from Khalti anytime and from anywhere without any hassle.

In case your KYC is rejected, please contact us at:

Toll Free No: 1660-01-5-8888 Phone: 01-5970017 Mobile: 9801165561 Email:

Why do I need to fill KYC?

You need to fill KYC to do transactions worth more than Rs. 5000. Without filling the form and having it verified, you cannot do transactions worth more than Rs. 5000.

What documents do I need to fill my KYC?

Soft copy of your recent PP size photo and either of the following documents (both front and back side): - Citizenship Certificate - Driving Licence - Passport

Why can’t I update my Khalti KYC?

The main reason you can update your KYC is if you have uploaded a invalid documents as your license, citizenship or passport. Please check your documents and upload it correctly.

Why can’t I upload my documents in KYC?

If you are not able to upload documents while filling up the KYC form, it is because if you haven’t resized your document to our guidelines.

How long does it take for my KYC to get verified?

Getting you KYC verified can take from 5 minutes to a day’s time.