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What is a Khalti Pasal?

A khalti pasal is your khalti account for business purpose, provided that the basic commission of 3% is provided to the POS/agent .i.e. the user of khalti pasal.

How is a khalti pasal different from normal khalti account?

A khalti pasal is benefitted by basic 3% commission and requires registered PAN documents for KYC whereas the commission for normal khalti account is 2% with no such documents necessary with only a government certified ID being fine for the latter.

Is the commission same for all the khalti pasal users?

No, the basic commission provided for all the khalti pasal is 3%. We have a bonus category where the bonus is allocated on the basis of the total transactions you complete in a month as per nepali monthly calendar which means commission ranges from 3.0 % in the beginning to % at the end of the month depending on the limit of transactions completed.

Am I allowed to be pos/agent even if I don’t own a shop or business?

Khalti Pasal doesn’t mean you necessarily require a shop to gain that status and use a business purpose account. So Yes, you can have your own business purpose account and use it despite of not having a shop but will need to make sure, your monthly transactions exceeds Nrp. 30,000 l-
This can be done either by enrolling your nearby people to perform required payments via your account or work as a marketing agent by yourselves.

Is there any local office where we can reach? (Inside & outside valley)?

We have dealer across over 50 districts of Nepal. A user can reach them or call directly to customer care for support related issue.

I am a POS, can I add users as I can add in ESewa?

No, Khalti doesn’t allow POS/ Dealers to add normal users under their account. It is done pertaining to uniformity needed in creating a happy user.