What is Khalti Pasal?

A Khalti Pasal is a khalti account for business purpose, and will be provided a relatively higher rate of commission / cashback on transactions.

How to become a Khalti Pasal (POS) and Khalti Dealer?

You can become Khalti Pasal/Dealer easily by filling up the form available in khalti.com/pasal.

What is the commission rate for Khalti Pasal, agents and dealers?

Khalti provides relatively higher rate of commission to POS and agents/dealers. You can contact us in our contact numbers 01-5970017 / pasal@khalti.com for further details on terms and conditions of Khalti dealership.

Am I allowed to be POS/agent even if I don’t own a shop or business?

Khalti Pasal doesn’t mean you necessarily require a shop to gain that status and use a business purpose account. So, you can have your own business purpose account and use it despite of not having a shop but will need to make sure, your monthly transactions exceed Rs. 25,000. This can be done either by enrolling your nearby people to perform required payments via your account or work as a marketing agent by yourselves.

Is there any local office where we can reach? (Inside & outside valley)?

We have dealers across 65+ districts of Nepal. You can reach them or call directly to Khalti’s customer care for support related issue.

What is Khalti Sewa Kendra?

Khalti Sewa Kendra is an authorized retailer of Khalti for Cash-In and Cash-Out. Users can go to a nearby Khalti Sewa Kendra for to load fund in your Khalti account or take out cash from your Khalti account (Cash In/Cash Out). The users won’t be charged any additional fee for these services.

Khalti Sewa Kendra / Khalti Cash Points location

You can visit this link (bit.ly/khaltisewakendra) to know the location of Khalti Cash Points (Khalti Sewa Kendra) in various places across Nepal. You can visit Khalti Sewa Kendra nearby you and avail Cash In/Cash Out services easily.