Load Funds to Khalti Wallet
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Choose our online and offline mediums to load Khalti and enjoy digital payments.

How to load Funds?

Add funds to Khalti from our various online & offline methods

Simply load funds to Khalti using eBanking/ mobile banking services from our partner banks. Tap on ‘Load Funds’ on the home screen. Tap on eBanking/mobile banking and enter the amount details. Your amount will be loaded instantly to Khalti Wallet.

For loading funds via eBanking service, you must have your eBanking/ mobile banking service activated from the associated bank where you have your bank account

You do not require a bank account to load funds to Khalti offline. You can simply load funds using Khalti cash deposit vouchers from Nepal Investment Bank Limited or Machhapuchchhre Bank Limited.

Khalti Pasals are Point-of-Sale (PoS) terminals which provides online payment services to people in far-off places where not everyone might have an internet banking or mobile banking account but need to make digital payments for various services.

As of now, there are altogether more than 8,000+ Khalti Pasals spread across 50 districts of Nepal. Local kirana pasal,small paan-pasal owners, and even those who run nanglo pasals sitting under an umbrella have turned into Khalti Pasals.

Khalti allows you to transfer money to your friends and family just in few clicks via Send and Request feature from the home screen. Using this feature you can Send and receive money instantly from anyone at anytime.

Simply go to Load Fund option & add Debit/ Credit/ Visa/ Amex/ Mastercard details & load instantly. While loading funds make sure your card has been enabled for online payments by your bank. Loading is free for first 3 transactions. However 2% charge will be levied after first 3 transactions.

You can also load funds to Khalti directly using SCT cards. Simply add & Save SCT card details for hassle free payments. There is no initial charge for first 3 transaction while loading. However, 1% with a maximum amount of Rs 25 will be charged otherwise. Loading above Rs 4000 is free.

You just need to enroll in the connectIPS and link your bank account with one-time verification from the bank. While visiting the bank, carry the downloaded and duly signed account link form while visiting your bank branch for such verification. Once you have linked your account, forget the hassle of entering details & load funds to Khalti within seconds.

Our Partner Banks

Connect IPS is a single payments platform that allows the customers to link their bank account(s) to enable payment processor, fund transfer and biller payments.

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