Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for OnePlus 5 offer every Khalti users must know:

Khalti has come up with this amazing offer for all the users to buy the phone almost near to perfection OnePlus 5 with a discounted price of Rs 59,499 , a full on Khalti bonus of Rs 4,000 in the purchase. With this amazing offer comes certain terms and conditions that must be read and agreed upon. Your use of the product will be governed by the following terms and conditions which are as follows:

1. General rules

2. Refund policy/Return policy

3. Pre Book

The product will only be considered booked after the user makes the required full payment of Rs 59,499. Unless the full amount is not paid, users can’t book their product and therefore no delivery will take place. So, “ Pay first and Book next ” policy is to be followed.

4. Time of delivery

The time of delivery of the product will vary as per the location of the buyer which is as follows: