How to pay for Prabhu Net online using Khalti

Tap on Internet icon on the home screen & Select "NT FTTH"

Enter the username and Click on ‘Done’ to proceed for payment

If volume based, select subscription plan to proceed /If unlimited plan, proceed to payment directly.

Pay bills instantly by tapping on ‘Ok’. Get instant cashback

Transactions made effortless.
Download app for free.

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Internet Services available on Khalti Digital Wallet

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  • vianet-bill-payment
  • wifi-nepal
  • techminds-internet-bill-payment
  • ntc-adsl-recharge
  • dish-home-ftth
  • websurfer-bill-payment
  • subisu-online-bill-payment
  • net-max-internet
  • pokhara-internet
  • prabhu-net
  • nt-ftth