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How do I earn Khalti Points?

Khalti points are awarded for the purchase of Khalti services. When you make payments for the services provided by Khalti, you earn Khalti Points.

Do I get Khalti Points for every service payment of Khalti?

Yes, you get Khalti Points for every service payment except for NEA Bill Payments and Khaanepani Bill Payments

Do I get Khalti Points while loading funds?

No, you do not get Khalti Points while loading funds. You earn points only while making payments while using Khalti services

Do I get Khalti Points while transferring amount to someone?

No, you do not get any Khalti Points while transferring funds to anyone.

How do I claim for my gift hamper while redeeming Khalti Points?

To claim for gift hamper to redeem Khalti Points, call our support number or email at support@khalti.com

How do I redeem my Khalti Points and receive it?

To redeem your Khalti Points tap on redeem option in the Khalti and choose the option you want to select to redeem your Points You can receive your gift hamper from our office at Bakhundole,Pulchowk

After how many days will I be getting my gift hamper after redeeming my Khalti Points?

You will be receiving the gift hamper within 7 working days after claiming for your gift hamper after redeeming it in Khalti

How are Khalti points calculated?

What do I get with my points?

How do I check my points balance?

How long will it take Khalti points to come to my account?

You will get Khalti Points as soon as you make any transaction. In case you do not receive Khalti Points write us at support@khalti.com

What happens to my Khalti Points when I cancel my order?

If an order is cancelled, the Khalti Points received for the purchase will be cancelled or will be deducted

How do I redeem my Khalti points?

Will I be getting points for the transactions that I did prior the Khalti Loyalty Program Launch?

No, you will not be receiving any Khalti Points prior to the Khalti Loyalty Program Launch

What do I do when I do not receive points?

In case you do not receive Khalti points write us at support@khalti.com

Can I transfer Khalti Points to my friends?

No, you cannot redeem Khalti points for cash

Can I redeem my Khalti points for cash?

No, you cannot redeem Khalti points for cash

What happens to inactive Loyalty Rewards account?

You can redeem Khalti Points anytime you login to your account. Khalti Points do not expire.

Do Khalti points expire?

No, Khalti Points do not expire

Can I calculate my Khalti Points? If yes how?

Yes, you can calculate your Khalti Points. We provide on screen calculator where you can calculate according to the slots given below:

    Redeem Points

  • 20,000 Points: Khalti Gift Hamper (Merchandise)
  • 50,000 Points: Mobile Top up of Rs 500
  • 1,00,000 Points: Movie plus food a couple at Fcube
  • 2,00,000 Points: Tickets for couple to our various partner events
  • 5,00,000 Points : 3 months subscription for ISP / Flight to Pokhara + Stay at OYO Rooms (for one person)
  • 10,00,000 Points : Khalti Balance worth Rs 10,000