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What is Khalti app Referral Program?

Khalti App Referral Program allows you to refer your friends to use Khalti App. For every successful referral i.e. if a friend signups using your referral code and uses Khalti you both can earn upto Rs 45.
You can earn upto Rs 5000 by Khalti app Referral Program.

What is the benefit?

If your friends accepts your referral code you both can earn upto Rs 45. Further on referring more friends you can earn upto Rs 5000.

What is the validity of the referral link?

No, there is no validity of the referral link. However, after your friend who has signed up using your referral link, he/she must load funds and fill the KYC within a week (7 days) to earn upto Rs 45. If a friend loads funds and fills KYC after 7 days of signing up using your link after a week, you both won’t receive any rewards.

I wish to create an account on Khalti via the referral link my friend has sent me. What do I need to do to accept the invite?

To accept the invite, click on the referral link and then tap on Earn Rewards. You will be reloaded to Khalti App download link. Download, Sign Up to Khalti. Once you have successfully made a Khalti account, you and your friend (referrer) will get Rs 10 in your wallet instantly.
Further, load funds to your wallet and fill the KYC within a week of signing up. You both will earn Rs 35 ( Rs 15 for loading funds for the first time within one week of sign up and Rs 20 for KYC verification ).

I didn’t receive an invitation. How do I participate?

Currently this offer is only by invitation. However, if you didn’t receive any link you can simply sign up to Khalti and send your link to your friends and family and start earning.

How do I refer Khalti App to my friends?

You can invite your friends to use the Khalti app through any messaging platforms (such as SMS, Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype etc.) or post your unique referral link that has your referral code.

Can I refer myself to earn Khalti Rewards?

No. To take part in this program, you must refer unique individuals other than yourself.

Can I refer to anyone?

Yes you can refer any of your friends or acquaintances via any messaging or social media platforms.

Why do I refer my friends?

Having connections pays off. By referring your friends to use Khalti App you both can earn. It’s that simple and effortless.

I made a referral. How do I get paid?

You will get paid once the friend you referred loads funds and fills his/her KYC within a week of Sign Up using your link.

Where do I get my referral link?

Tap on Refer and Earn option in the side menu bar. After that you can manually enter your friends number whom you want to refer or simply copy the referral link from the page and share it.

How much total amount can I earn by referring?

You can earn upto Rs 5000 by referring your friends and family. Once your friends have successfully signed up and fulfilled all the requirements you both can earn upto Rs 5000.

How much can I earn after I refer a friend?

On referring you do not get any paid. Once the referred friend signs up, loads his/her wallet and fills the KYC form within a week of Signup, you both can earn Rs 45 each.

Why cannot I earn more than 1100 when referring friends and when they sign up?

The maximum amount you can earn from referral sign up is Rs. 1100. The maximum amount you can earn from load funds is Rs 1700 The maximum amount you can earn from KYC verification is Rs 2200.

Why can I enter referral code and signup to get referral code bonus?

After the recent update, to get the referral bonus, you need to Share your links, and download & sign up through the link. Inserting the code manually while signing up doesn't work anymore.

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